Students carry pews into Roosevelt HS. Temple Israel donated 79 pews to the school to be made into desks and bookshelves. The idea originated with Karen Kalish of HOME WORKS!, who saw a need for students to have a place to work at home.
Ameren presents HOME WORKS! and SLPS with a generous $25,000 donation that will benefit children, including these eight Clay Elementary students. Also pictured are Brian K. Leonard, Mark Schlake, Karen Kalish, Dr. Donna Owens (principal at Clay Elementary), and Dr. Kelvin Adams (superintendent of SLPS).

Our Mission

Partnering families and teachers for children's success.

Video Introduction to HOME WORKS!

How Students Spend Their Time

School accounts for just 14% of students' time, yet we make teachers responsible for 100% of students' education. And children spend 33% of their time sleeping. That leaves 53% spent on "other." It is critical that during the 53%, parents are reading to their children and talking to them, making sure they go to school every day, and stressing the importance of education. Schools can't do 100% of the work in 14% of the time; they must have support from the home.

Total – 100%
365 days/yr × 24 hrs/day = 8,760 hrs/yr
School – 14%
174 days/yr × 7 hrs/day = 1,218 hrs/yr
Sleep – 33%
365 days/yr × 8 hrs/night = 2,920 hrs/yr
Other – 53%
191 days + = 4,622 hrs out of school, at home, with family and friends


In December, my partner and I visited the home of two siblings. Both boys have been diagnosed with ADHD and one also has a diagnosis of Tourette’s. At the home visit, their mother asked for our help in finding a physician with an expertise in ADHD and Tourette’s medications. I was able to connect her with a BJC nurse, who works with one of our behavior modification programs. Now, both boys are taking medications that are keeping them on task. The younger boy said, “Mrs. Leonard, that pill helps me pay attention when I read!” None of this would have happened if we hadn't been making home visits! We love HOME WORKS! - Andrea Leonard, Speech Language Pathologist at Coldwater Elementary in Hazelwood
Home visits are a great way to get parents more involved with their children and teachers. I really enjoy them and hope I can continue to receive them. -SLPS Parent
A great home school relationship builds a great student-teacher relationship and helps create a great learning environment. - Teacher
Since my teacher’s visit, I started trying harder on everything. - Student