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How HOME WORKS! The Teacher Home Visit Program Works

HOME WORKS! The Teacher Home Visit Program is simple: teachers and parents/guardians/families become equal partners to increase the academic achievement of students.

parent quoteHOME WORKS! trains teachers to go to their students’ homes to forge a relationship with the family. Teachers get to know parents/guardians/families, share information about the student, and give parents/guardians/families the tools to help children do better in school and succeed academically and socially. Participating districts pay their teachers to conduct these visits, which are entirely voluntary.

HOME WORKS! utilizes a schedule and structure that has been developed and proven to break down barriers that often exist between schools and the community, and to provide opportunities for the sharing of goals and expectations. HOME WORKS! trains teachers how to make effective home visits by introducing the research, practice, and skills in building effective relationships between families and teachers as co-educators. From the first visit focusing on relationship building, the program solidifies and strengthens the relationship with families. It helps parents/guardians/families understand where their child is academically and provides tools to increase the parents'/guardians'/families’ capacity to assist their child in specific areas as needed.

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