Helping One School Thrive During COVID-19

In August 2020, HOME WORKS! partnered with Patrick Henry Downtown Academy, a low-performing public school in St. Louis, to ensure that the students, teachers, and families had everything they needed to survive the pandemic.

The need was urgent and extreme. 100% of kids relied on in-person school to provide free-or-reduced meals. The vast majority of kids read below grade level, and often their parents and guardians lacked the technical skills or tools to stay connected to online or hybrid learning. Student attendance—which already was low—plummeted.

The pandemic made it clear that Patrick Henry was no different than thousands of low-performing schools across the country. It was clear that to engage their families, schools needed volunteers, and families needed technology training, support from community partners, and more.

We are eager to share what we learned

Through Getting Patrick Henry Connected, we learned many lessons that can be localized and applied at any school, in any urban, suburban or rural setting.

Whether you’re a school district, a teacher, or a volunteer leader or individual volunteer, we hope you’ll explore this online playbook and use these tools rather than starting from scratch.

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