Our Program

HOME WORKS! partners with underserved schools to build their capacity to engage families in children’s education. HW! trains, supports, and pays teachers to make home visits to students and their families and works with teachers to implement parent engagement strategies. Research consistently confirms that family engagement in education is a powerful predictor of children’s success in school and life.


  • Improve 
    • Parent-teacher relationship quality
    • Students’ classroom behavior and engagement
    • School attendance
    • Students’ reading and math proficiency
  • Increase 
    • positive parent-teacher communications
    • parenting confident and support for learning at home
  • Reduce perceived barriers to school engagement

HOME WORKS! meets these goals through two program models

  • Teacher Home Visits/Parent-Teacher Workshops
    • Through home visits, parent-teacher workshops, and school events, teachers and parents come together as partners to collaborate to support students’ learning. 
  • The Fellowship Program
    • An ambitious three-year program in partnership with St. Louis Public Schools with greater teacher training, support and input, deeper school-home engagement strategies, and more robust data collection.
    • We expect the data from full-classroom implementation will give a new perspective on the crucial parent-school relationship.