Our Program

HOME WORKS! offers an effective and evolving solution focused on closing the opportunity gap for under-resourced schools by embedding intentional learning activities in a student’s home to maximize children’s out-of-school time. HWs!’ program, centered around Teacher Home Visits and supported by Parent-Teacher Workshops, and school-based Family Dinners, creates engagement through a multifaceted community-centered approach that transforms relationships between students, homes, and schools. As the only nonprofit in our region solely focused on improving academic outcomes for students by developing and nurturing the relationship between schools and families, HW! is uniquely positioned and prepared to work creatively with schools to increase out-of-school learning opportunities. 


  • Improve 
    • Parent-teacher relationship quality
    • Students’ classroom behavior and engagement
    • School attendance
    • Students’ reading and math proficiency
  • Increase 
    • Positive parent-teacher communications
    • Parenting confidence, behaviors, and practices that support learning at home
  • Reduce perceived barriers to school engagement

HOME WORKS! meets these goals through three main program components

Family dinners
Home Visits
home visits
Parent-Teacher Workshops
Parent-Teacher workshops